Internet Website Promotion and Design

Internet Website Promotion and Design
Internet Website Promotion and Design

Increase Your Website Traffic Now!

A Smartly Designed Website Will Get You:

• More Hits!
• More Customers!
• More Dollars!!!

"What Can Windsock Web Design Do For You?"

3 Basic Services Offered:

• Create a new website to your specifications.
• Modify your existing website to operate more efficiently.
• Promote your website to increase it's search engine ranking.

Does Internet Website Promotion Really Work?

Yes! I use website promotion techniques on my own successful websites and on my clients' websites.

"You're amazing! I just got done checking our stats and I can't believe all the hits! Our business this month is on pace to double last month!"
- Vice President, SkyPark Airport Parking (

Check it out for yourself to see how my website promotion efforts help my clients. Go to Google and Yahoo! and enter "sfo discount parking". SkyPark comes out on top! How would you like your website to now be on top?

"Our business was so quiet, but once you did your magic on my website, the orders are now rolling in! It was great working with you on this. With the higher volume of sales I'm able to reduce prices, which means even MORE sales! Thank you!!!"
- President, California Boat Lift Sales (

Try searching for "boat lifts California" on Google and Yahoo!. Our client, California Boat Lift Sales now beats the competition!

How Much Does Website Design & Promotion Cost?

• The personal analysis of your existing website is free!
• Hourly rate for design & promotion is only $50/hr!
• A new website generally costs only $99!

You Have Nothing to Lose!

Email me a link to your website now and I will personally check to see how much more traffic I can send to your website using my website promotion techniques!

Are you getting the traffic you expect? Does your site need some work? Is it contributing enough new customers? Do the search engines even know if your site exists? Your website can benefit from smart website promotion.

Over 90% of all internet users start with a search engine to find what they are looking for. It is imperative to be ranked near the top of a search engine's listings. If you are not near the top, you are not being seen, and if you aren't being seen, you are losing business.

The most important investment you can make is to obtain a high ranking placement. I can analyze your site in detail to see where you place and what exactly is keeping you from your goals. I can perform a custom "tune up" of your site and get you exposure on the top search engines. With a little attention your web site will attract more traffic!

Discover What Smart Website Promotion Can Do For You!

You have something to say, something to sell, something to offer to the world. But how can you get the word out? How can you make sure your message reaches everyone?

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a place where people could gather information about your business location, customer service, store hours, and all the goods and services you have to offer? A place that can be easily accessed by everybody 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

You Need Exposure!

The fact is millions of people worldwide search the internet daily to find information about goods and services, interests and hobbies. You can reach massive volumes of people locally and worldwide at very little cost.

Strengthen the image of your business and establish it's presence on the World Wide Web using my internet website promotion service. In today's business world for you to stay competitive and profitable a web site must be near the top of search listings. It is no longer a luxury - it's a necessity!

Some Top Ranked Website Promotion Clients:

Discovery Bay Studios Photography

I Can Make the World Wide Web Work for You!

Why wait any longer? I can have your website ranked high with the major search engines! Email me now and I will increase your website traffic through optimization and smart internet website promotion.
Contact me:
Windsock Web Design

        "I enjoy designing smart websites and helping others improve and promote their existing websites. I don't use any automated programs to write my website code. I do it by hand so that I have complete control on how the search engines interpet your website."
        "As you know, it's very important to know exactly what words and phrases catch people's eyes. It's not just the number of visitors, but you want to reach people who are interested in what you have to offer. Let me give you a hand with your marketing efforts. I can give you affordable personalized help with your website. We can work as a team to make the internet work for you!"

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Windsock Web Design

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