Ultralight Aircraft For Sale

Quicksilver MXL Sport II Ultralight Airplane

FAA Registered & Certified Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (ELSA)

Information last updated
Friday July 16 2010


This is a real airplane with "N" numbers. This is no longer considered an ultralight/fat ultralight. Be careful, don't buy a 2 seat ultralight that hasn't been FAA certified. Two seat ultralights are no longer legal to fly and can no longer make the transition.

This versatile flying machine can take you just about anywhere.

Ultralight Aircraft For Sale

(without floats)

Quicksilver MXL Sport II Amphibian airplane

(including floats and steerable tricycle amphibious landing gear)

Ultralight Aircraft For Sale

Stacey Chance
Cell (925) 216-4454

Quicksilver MXL Sport II Amphibian airplane. Full Lotus Floats with retractable tricycle gear.

FAA registered & certified Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (ELSA) N1553N. Last flight on 6/22/08. Ready to fly and have fun NOW!

Pre-Sale condition inspection completed by Quicksilver Dealer on 4/26/08.

Features -

* Rotax 582 "Bluehead" 65 horsepower engine oil-in-fuel lubrication or oil pump.
* 3 blade 68" Warp Drive proppeller with nickle metal leading edges.
* "C" gearbox 3:1 ratio with centrifugal clutch.
* 14 gallon fuel tank.
* Anticollision strobe light.
* Ballistic Recovery System emergency parachute (due for re-pack).
* Extra radiator.
* Full flight & engine instruments.
* Pilot/Passenger Comtronics intercom system.
* VHF radio.
* Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT).
* GPS navigation.
* 2 flight helmets with faceguards and integrated microphone and headset.
* 2 headsets.
* 2 cold weather flight suits.
* Wire brace tail kit.
* Spash guard for propeller protection.
* Seat backpacks for ample storage.
* Standard wheel brakes.
* Spare rudder with original colors.

Always hangared and pampered. Airplane kept in like new condition. One owner, airline pilot, never used the plane for instruction.

New sails about 4 years ago along with a complete airframe tear down with new hardware. Total airframe time: 805 hrs. Total time on new engine & gearbox: 287 hrs. First engine was still going strong easily past 500 hrs. Many fun-filled flying hours to go!

I've flown it all around Northern California including Shasta Lake, Lake Berryessa, Lake Don Pedro for camping and fishing. There's storage in the wings for sleeping bags and fishing poles.

She's been an excellent plane and has never given me trouble. It is now hangared at a private airstrip (Funny Farm Airport) in Brentwood California.

Rules for who can fly and work on this plane:
Sport Pilot Rule Synopsis
EAA's condensed version of the FAA Sport Pilot/Light-Sport Aircraft Rule


Wingspan: 32' 9"
Length: 18' 1/2"
Height: 9' 1"
Wing Area: 180 sq ft
Fuel Capacity: 14 gal
Engine: 582 Rotax Dual Ignition 2 Cyl 65 HP liquid cooled with integrated water pump.
Fuel Consump: 4 gal/hr
VNE: 75 mph
Top Speed: 67 mph
Cruise Speed: 52 mph
Stall Speed: 32 mph
Sea Level Climb: 1145 fpm
Ground Take off run: 121 ft
Ground Landing run: 75 ft
Empty Weight: 373 lbs (with floats): 498 lbs

Below is more info along with photos and some fun videos of this bird flying.

Rotax 582 Bluehead 65 horsepower engine

Two cycle, two cylinder, rotary valve engine

Tach, water temp, Master switch, magnetos, air temp, ELT switch

oil-in-fuel lubrication or oil pump, liquid cooled, with integrated water pump

FAA Registered & Certified Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (ELSA)

Taking Mom for a ride - she loved it!

Mildred Island Delta

Airplane floats

Relaxing on the Delta with my wife.

Camping fishing

Strap the tent in the right seat and stuff the sleeping bag and pillow in the wing to go camping.

Grass runway

The daughter enjoys a sunset flight.

Welcome to Discovery Bay Magazine Cover

This beautiful plane is featured on the local magazine cover for all of 2008.

Wings of Discovery aviation book

The plane is also on the cover of the book Wings of Discovery.
A story about building a sport plane and the adventures that follow.

Airspeed & Altimeter, rudder pedals

Airspeed & Altimeter.

Tach, hour meter, water temp, Dual EGT & CHT

Tach, hour meter, water temp, Dual EGT & CHT.

Intercom box, voltage regulator, pull start

Intercom box, voltage regulator, pull start, etc.

Current rudder, spare rudder is original colors

Current rudder, spare rudder is original colors.

Red and yellow rudder

Great Flying Videos of this Aircaft!

Ultralight Aircraft For Sale

Stacey Chance
Cell (925) 216-4454